Same Thing Daily
image“Flatland has changed a lot since I have started riding. Some will say for the better, others might say for the worse. Regardless of the changes one things remains constant, there are riders out there that break the boundaries and create flatland like it’s never been done before.
That’s because they do it their way. Flatland progresses because of creativity and that’s a great thing to be a part of.”

I quoted this off the back of the dvd cover to Dane’s new video. Danes previous releases “Flatcrap” and “Videoname” showcase riders out of the contest loop you might say, or as Dane says “break the boundaries”.
“same thing daily” follows this path, I have watched this video everyday for a week since it’s arrived, everyday a different section stands out for different reasons. I hope this review does it justice, I’ll try and make this as comprehensive as I can whilst still saving some of the best tricks, so it’s a surprise for you. Go but this right now.

The videos features:

Danes Beardsley, Jody Temple, Bobby Carter, Brian Chapman, Gabe Kadmiri, Simon O’Brien, Aaron Behnke, Leif Valin, Hamilton Abe, Shintaro Misawa, Alexis Desolneux, and Travis Collier.

The video opens with a quick intro, first section up was Danes, I wasn’t sure what to expect after his injury. But Dane delivers an awesome opening part mixing between front brake styles and brakeless, with a healthy mix of Front and Back wheel buttery shot in some great locations, super nice opening back wheel combo to open the part, one scuff between each switch, some of my favourite combos from Dane were hang 5 to backwards rolling whiplash to backwards fork wheelie flip to backwards xft fork wheelie to xft backwards karl pivot to left handed halfpacker x hand hang 5 x foot forkwheelie and out…Whiplash shove it to switch foot karl to switch foot fork wheelie x over to other side fork wheelie flip to straight bar no footed fork wheelie flowed round to left handed backwards half hiker to the nicest brakeless flapjack I’ve seen yet, as I said before Danes riding is buttery, so smooth. Danes part ends with whiplash to xft steam backwards whiplash to xft steam other side x over to backwards hitch backwards rolling whiplashes to backwards hitch and out.

imageJody Temple has the next part, super technical style, lot of boomerang skills embedded between the main footage works well with the tune, totally different style than Danes, one of the great things about flatland is the diversity. My favourite combos from Jody play back to back on his part, hang five to halfpacker flip to halfpacker juggler 360 flip switch karl out, xft foot karl to xft halfpacker 360 varial to halfpacker 360 varial to halfpacker 360 varial swft karl out. That technical enough for you?

Next sections is an open part to the sounds of Bloc party which flows quickly rider to rider, opens with Bobby Carter dropping a nice backward gadget whip combo at zuma beach, ex UK resident Paul Chamberlain has been sunning it up in Melbourne Australia and looks to have progressed a ton, especially liked the back wheel combo, dump truck walkaround turbine to dump truck walkaround to two footed dump truck turbine out,
Hideki Kawai from Japan, has a short incredibly hard combo, inside half hiker 540 bar flip to pedal steam x over fork wheelie step overs and out to pedals, so smooth. New England’s Rhode islands Brian Chapman has been riding forever, super good to see him still busting out, smooth forward death truck to dump truck to upside down pedalling mega spin..
Gabe Kadmiri flows non stop nosewheelie x over jump to steam ala Alex Jumelin, super smooth, yet aggressive style, hope to see more from this kid.
Simon O’Brien ends the part with sick double whiplash to xft tomahawk 360 flapjack fire hydrant pedal hang 5 kick into double whiplash to xft tomahawk 360 flapjack to no footed tailwhip pedal hang 5 kick out. Great open part with so much diversity between each rider, such is Flatland.

imageAaron Behnke has the next part, slow smooth short links, Aaron most definitely follows his own path. A lot of his tricks have complex bar flip switches, seeing his part would do them justice, his switch foot pedal mega spin peg to peg decade was nice.

Leif Valin has the next part, similar to Aaron, Leif’s links are all short on here, standout brakeless G turn front scuff to whiplash out.

The next part is one of my favourites, I’ve already watched this so many times, Id never heard of Hamilton Abe before this video part, but I wont be forgetting his name in a hurry, insane creative whiplash combos rides in an Osicka/Royer type style I thought, opens with xft whiplash round bars to xft whiplash, x up xft wheelie brakeless undertaker, opposite xft whiplash to backwards hang 5 round bars xft out, so much style and creativity, xft whiplash step over backwards whiplash pivot back to xft whiplash, all in one whiplash, insane!!!! And ends part with same trick but opposite. This part is super short, it left be wanting more, this guy has talent, I look forward to a lot more from him in the future, groundbreaking video part right there. So stoked.

Open part 2 follows, great riding from Gabe Kadmiri, Paul Chamberlain, Brian Chapman, and Simon O Brien, especially liked Gabe’s combos from this section.

Next full part comes from one of Japanese’s finest, you’ve seen him regularly update the sequence website with his sections, Shintaro Misuwa. Incredibly smooth and creative, this section is one of the highlights of the video for sure, all his fans will want to see this!! Halfhiker 360 step over one scuff to halfpacker boomerang out, squeaker bar flip using tyre instead of pegs, prob my fav link, ride direct into 360 pivot to halfpacker circle k two footed on tyre to crackpacker!! Halfhiker to halfpacker to pumping hang ten one handed walkover to two footed one handed steam to halfhiker to halfpacker to yammer pivot to spinning hitch out. Incredible riding, with much buttery.

imageThe next part falls to Alexis Desolneux, his style is much more rolling than anyone elses on this video, it stands out, everyone knows Alexis doesn’t mess around with video parts, and this one is no different. This section has great feel to it, the music is very mellow and flowing, it compliments his riding style well. The sections opener is 11 backwards rolling whiplashes, wow!! Other highlights included double x ft turbine whiplash to x ft steam to xft halfpacker pivot to hitchhiker, his sections ends with some stupidly hard whiplashes, variations, quadruple backwards facing whiplashes, and a triple backwards facing whiplash to left handed backwards halfpacker left handed backwards backpacker switch to right handed backwards backpacker xft hitch out. Alexis is the man. Crazy level of riding. A real joy to watch.
The last main part goes to Travis, I really like the tune and film footage that opens the part, there’s a blend of street/park riding and of course Travis on board his new signature frame from macneil. Travis’ part is short on tricks, but real quality, especially liked his ender two footed front yard ala Viki Gomez flipped to pumping xft tomahawk flipped to halfpacker, so much style, fun section to watch, flows nicely.

Besides all that the videos not even done! More footage from Danes trip to San Francisco, Taiwan, and really good Athens section showing all levels of riding from that scene to end the dvd.

I get the feeling the underlying concept of Danes videos is to showcase riders that don’t feature heavily in contest riding, there’s not a great deal of pumping in this video with exceptions being Gabe, Paul, and Travis. I really like what Dane has produced here. Even the music is not typically what I hear on any flatland videos, but it works. Great stuff.
Top marks here, if there is such a thing.

2008-04-12 - Effraim Catlow