Cream #27
imageOnce again I thought I would share with you what’s inside the new Cream…

The March/April issue of Cream was waiting on the kitchen table as I returned from work today, I love Cream magazine, and it’s cultural look at the bmx lifestyle. The cover has Raphael Chiquet and Matthias Dandois holding their bikes above their heads overlooking the skyline of Paris, the 8 page cover story is called “flatmate”, pretty self explanatory really, these two have moved in together, and shows great photos of these two at riding spots really near to their flat, Parisian lifestyle shots, something you would never see in any other magazine.
The editorial by Raphael runs on the theme “we are too much in the magazine? So what?”…Raphael discusses the pro lifestyle” You need to be everywhere and everybody has to know it. It’s like a sport, you have to put a piece of head, the end of your arm in every photos. It’s part of pro riders obligation (that’s how we eat)”…
This issue as the editorial states features a lot of Raphael and Matthias, but if you look closely also they are also contributing a hell of a lot to the magazine as well, they are travelling, writing text, taking photos, and reporting this back on the pages of Cream, as Raphael invites “don’t hate us when you see us in the magazine. Move your ass and just try to take our place…”
So what’s in the rest of the magazine?
  • Event calendar
  • Rad KHE advert featuring Justin Miller in switch handed one handed whopper position!!!
  • Pegless jam
  • Simpel Session Portfolio
  • A test on different types of Champagne (only in Cream)
  • Portfolio with Robert Voller (Hungarian flatland rider and all round good fellow, who now lives in London..
  • Fixie vs BMX 
  • Ticos jam story by Bobby Carter, great photos of Justin Miller, and Chase Gouin…
  • Mangoose in Paris
  • Circle Cow contest report by Raphael Chiquet.
  • Trail Lifestyle
  • La Gazette, the part of cream that works like a newspaper, with stories on Fise qualifiers, and Munster jam 2008.
  • Face- Tyrone Williams, NYC Street rider..
  • Face-Waldemar Fatkin- Great interview by Matthias Dandois, with really good photography by Christian Van Hanja.
  • Portfolio- American Street photographer Martha Cooper..
  • Event- Kulte Contest
  • Club rider- Fashion Shoot with Raphael and the ladies drinking it up in the Parisian Clubs..
  • Newcomer- Erick Camano with photography by Raphael…
  • Dr Oldschool- The good memories of BMX
  • Music-Data Rock
  • Next-Photo of Vanessa and Terry embraced with Eiffel tower as backdrop.
Cream continues to cover flatland better than any magazine by far, yet another great issue, once again support what these guys are doing, recording their unbelievable flatland lifestyle life for the world to see.

2008-03-22 - Effraim Catlow